I will help you through these daily posts to get perfect skin, hair and body hence building your confidence. I have been working on this since 3 years to get to know about minute details of every ingredients present naturally or produced chemically , to know about the science of skin ,hair and body and how many factors big or small can drastically change it .

Now I have a full knowledge of all the biochemical ingredients used in the products . What they do how they work don’t worry I wont be educating you much about it but will tell you the things which will help you to select the products on your own knowing the right for you. Having this knowledge wasn’t enough if I have not practically tried it so all the remedies, products and tip I will be giving you are practically tested. Giving you an euphoric feeling in your own skin and body ! Motivate you to a better lifestyle with some fun , DIY, Hacks , remedies , online available products and their reviews to bring the best version of yourself out !

Lastly, what is “Petrichor”:

The first rains after a long dry spell bring out an unmistakable perfume often strongest in spring and summer known as the Petrichor.